Mathey Dearman CNC System

The World's First Portable Robotic Pipe Cutting System

CNC Saddle System's

Three Available Sizes
for Pipe Diameters
1½" (38mm) to
12" (305mm

View the CNC Saddle
System in Action

Parts & Operations Manual

CNC Saddle Machine


  • The three models work on a range of
    pipe diameters from 1½" to 12"
  • Compact design and lightweight
    high-strength aluminum construction
  • Easily installed and operated by one person
  • Low current-draw electrical system can be powered from any common 15 AMP, 115 or 230 volt outlet
  • Create precision shapes in minutes not hours
  • One machine replaces literally thousands of saddle templates, contour templates or paper patterns
  • Dramatically speeds cutting and reduces or eliminates grinding
  • Trial and error manual fit-up is a thing of the past along with its wasted time and materials